Development and Supply of Mold for 1.6L Beer Bottle2003-10-20
Development and Export of Molds for NECK Non-crystallization HR BOT..2003-4-1
Decorated with "Export Tower of $3 million" & "Steel Tower Award"2002-12-11

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PETMON, the character of Jung Sung Precision Co., Ltd., is an abbreviation of PET MOLD MAN. It is a character with a characterized shape of PET BOTTLES molded by Jung Sung Co., Ltd. to provide friendly image for our customers and transfer the image of Jung Sung Co., Ltd. more efficiently. more

For manufacture of PET BOTTLE, 3-WAY VALVE Cylinder Assembly makes straight movements within sleeve and stack casing, sleeve and stack casing installed in cylinder block and cylinder block, forming numerous compressed high pressure air exhaust halls to stretch PREFORM manufactured with PET RESIN and blow mold stretched PREFROM. In addition, it is consisted with pistons distributing compressed high-pressure air to each exhaust hall. more