Warm greetings to all, visiting Jung Sung Precision Co., Ltd. established in May 1985, is a MOLD specialized manufacturer manufacturing INJECTION MOLD and BLOW MOLD for PET BOTTLES. We have been experiencing constant growth with your love and encouragement based on trust and confidence. Based on our accumulated technical experiences, we have developed MOLD for HR BOTTLE (HEAT RESISTANCE) in 1990 for the first time in domestic, and we are manufacturing and supplying for more than 90% of domestic demands as well as exporting 60% of our products. Since we have acquired ISO 9001 in Nov. 1998, Jung Sung Precision Co., Ltd. is putting all our efforts to provide the perfect customer satisfaction through standardized quality system including all processes from design to MOLD manufacture. Moreover, all our staffs are trying our best to build Jung Sung Precision Co., Ltd. as a specialized global company suitable for the digital age through securing and developing core technologies of each business field.

For our goals mentioned above, Jung Sung Precision Co., Ltd. will focus on our business capacity through accomplishment in Vision 2007, and systemization and advancement of business structure based on harmonization of online and offline.

Again, I appreciate all customers who have been sending us constant faith and confidence. Moreover, we ask for your continuous love and encouragement.

Thank you!

Jung Sung Precision Co., Ltd. C.E.O Seok-Seong Lee