For manufacture of PET BOTTLE, 3-WAY VALVE Cylinder Assembly makes straight movements within sleeve and stack casing, sleeve and stack casing installed in cylinder block and cylinder block, forming numerous compressed high pressure air exhaust halls to stretch PREFORM manufactured with PET RESIN and blow mold stretched PREFORM. In addition, it is consisted with pistons distributing compressed high-pressure air to each exhaust hall.

Existing 3-WAY VALVE Assemblies used to cause great abrasions outside of piston contacting stack casing and sleeve by continuous piston activities, since sleeve and stack casing that contact outside of pistons were made of metal with similar hardness.

The abrasion outside of pistons lower air tightness between piston and cylinder block, and it will be a reason for being unable to mold PET BOTTLE precisely. In addition, since it can't be repaired or substituted, whole cylinder assembly must be replaced and it will increase maintenance cost.

Therefore, we have developed special sintering SEALING and inserted it inside of stack casing that contacts pistols to improve abrasion resistance and air tightness. You can only substituted the special sintering SEALING, if necessary, to improve repair and maintenance as well as making maintenance process convenient.